Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2015 show footage in 4K(Vertical)

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9/26 パリ ジュドポーム美術館で開催されたYohji Yamamoto S/S show 4KYouTubeMovie9:16縦比率エンベッドバージョンです。以下Yohji Yamamoto Official facebookより引用
Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2015 show footage in 4K

Thanks to Panasonic and FIT Innovation Lab Japan, we could have shot this last S/S 2015 show in 4K ultra high definition. A 4000 pixels resolution has twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of the common 1080p HD format.
When we had the proposal for a 4K shooting, at first we thought about an imposing camera taking a lot of space and were wondering how we could accommodate with other photographers. But it was just about a single-lens mirrorless camera of about 13cm wide and 9cm high.
Such a tiny device gives a sensational image quality.
So this time was about doing it in a 6:19 format.
Convinced that the lengthwise picture was more appropriate to fashion in all ways, we have experimented the atypical vertical format.
It would be wonderful if we could get to play the footage on some 4K friendly big screens. Models would have almost their actual height in the footage!!
So please enjoy the show with your laptop standing on its side (like a book)!!

If you have a good internet connection, try the youtube image quality settings up to 2160p. That’s 4K!
Otherwise, you could try 1440p or lower settings but you’ll see that the image is already much better than the regular HD.


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